Taeler Bond Real Estate Co. (TB&Co.) offers disruptive technology, a futuristic tech stack, national and global exposure for listings, no-cost transaction tools, no-cost client signing software, pre-set transaction docs, the most streamlined, quick and efficient commissions payout, prominent personalized marketing packages for it's agents, and proven strategies and techniques that optimize your daily tasks, increase productivity and elevate your workflow. We offer two unmatched commissions packages. One for Performing Agents, and one for Growing Agents.

Lead Gen.

At Taeler Bond we specialize in helping our agents master the "Art Of Lead Generation." We understand the importance of generating receptive buyers and sellers to drive success and growth in real estate.
We have paid the big bucks (so you don't have to) building the perfect trifecta - a circulating funnel system and Area Guidz that nourishes your database to active and buying clients


Rewarding our agents' achievements is our passion here at Taeler Bond. We understand the importance of recognizing our agents' dedication and hard work. Some of our recognition initiatives include, The Diamond Club Awards, "Bond Bucks", Referrals and Leads.


As a company, we strongly believe in the power of unrivaled marketing, and we recognize the immense impact that it has on an agents real estate success. That is why we place a significant emphasis on providing our agents with unmatched marketing pre-sets, customized and personalized marketing specific to their niche, and we teach the secret to effective real estate marketing, ensuring optimal personal, team, and property visibility and engagement in today's dynamic market.


At Taeler Bond Real Estate Co., we strive to provide our agents with unmatched Broker and Brokerage support. Our commitment to our agents is unwavering, and our 40 Days To Greatness Brokerage-Culture Acclimation will prove it.


To expertly train agents in real estate takes far more than just online classes, and paid-for modules. Agents need a real person, locally licensed and knowledgeable that they can sit down with, belly-to-belly, for education on lawful practices, strategizing and business scaling. The Department of Real Estate requires this person to be the Designated Broker - not an unlicensed agency sponsor in another state, or a salesperson or other industry vendor teaching classes. At Taeler Bond Real Estate Co., we provide personalized training that meets our agents where they are: whether they are under 5 years in real estate, or over. Our Designated Broker has an illustrious background in marketing, advertising, consumer products, real estate law & sales, construction and design; and grows willing agents, exponentially.


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