A True Visionary.
Coco’s career spans nearly three decades, and across national and international waters. She was a NYC Fashion Designer, and a Design Editor for one of New York’s top publications, which shaped her into a formidable business woman. Forging new paths in residential interiors and working with her design team to create the very first ‘Smart House’ in the year 2000, in Desert Hills, Arizona, is how she became a household name among Scottsdale & Paradise Valley’s elite.

When dear friends lost everything, in a real estate experience gone bad, that’s when she decided to bridge the gap between designing homes and buying/selling them, and in 2006 she became a Licensed Realtor. Humbly, she holds untold awards, and countless recognitions for real estate, to her credit.

Her most passioned journey, is the one she took in 2022, when she became a Licensed Real Estate Broker. A role she’s determined to use, to shape a new footprint in real estate.  In her own words, “It’s time for everyone to love real estate again.”

Coco Dixon

Mitchell is a seasoned real estate professional and Arizona transplant, but don’t let that fool you. He embraces all corners of the Phoenix Metropolitan area and his clients are as diverse as the Arizona landscape. An astute buying agent, he has investors, relocation buyers and referred clients in his growing portfolio. He’s one of the easiest people to speak with and just five minutes in his presence, you’ll feel like he’s a long-time friend. He recently purchased his own home here in the valley, and enjoyed seeing the buying table from the opposite side. In his own words, “I’m grateful for this experience, and what I’ll be able to impart to my buyers because of it.”

Mitchell Fair

Bernadette is leading the way for first time home buyers. A native Arizonan, she knows the Phoenix valley inside and out. Educating buyers about building wealth along their home journey is a passion of hers and the buying market eclipses of 2020 have only enhanced those passions.  A mom to two beautiful children, they inspire her to help her clients build legacies they can pass along for their families, through homeownership. She’s  expanding her client portfolio, into listing homes and has a few closings to her credit. Her first year in real estate she became a Diamond Club member and purchased a home for her and her family. When she’s not working, you can find her enjoying time with her loved ones, or networking with other mom-preneurs. In her own words, “I’ve lived in Arizona all of my life, it’s great to show others the beauty of living her.”

Bernadette Rodriguez



Addison is a California native with strong ties in the LA real estate community. She’s executive assistant to the CEO, and wears several hats, including agent services, and new client services. She likes being incognito and letting her work speak for itself.  When she’s not working with the group she loves  beachcombing, playing with her dog Chap and hobnobbing at the poshest events. 

Addison Parker